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F.P. KOLBE has new inventory every day.  Stop in to check it out because we have things leaving everyday as well.


F.P. Kolbe is a fourth generation retail business located along the scenic Delaware River in Point Pleasant, PA in an 18th century hotel frequented by such dignitaries as Grover Cleveland, William McKinley and the Vanderbilt Family.



We specialize in home and garden décor.  Outdoor garden fountains and planters made in the USA, as well as 12 rooms of unique gifts, housewares and American made furniture.  New merchandise arrives daily to make every shopping experience new.  We price to sell.  Compare and save at F.P. Kolbe


F.P. Kolbe has branched off from a successful family business to provide our community with a new retail experience.  Richard J. Kolbe Jr and his wife Rebecca officially opened their doors January 1, 2007.  F.P. Kolbe, located in the historic Point Pleasant Inn building, offers a vast array of unique home furnishings, holiday decorations, garden ornaments and so much more!  Winding around the old Inn can be as interesting and provide as much enjoyment as looking at the entire amazing inventory of F.P. Kolbe.


The Point Pleasant Inn was built in the 1780’s and completed in 1790.  It was also referred to as the Central Hotel due to its position between Easton and Philadelphia, as well as New York and Philadelphia.  While rustic in its accommodations, the Inn had the distinction of hosting dignitaries such as Grover Cleveland, William McKinley and members of the Astor and Vanderbilt families.  The Inn’s popularity was sustained by its proximity to the bridge from NJ (which washed away in the flood of 1955) and popular sporting like hunting and shad fishing.  The Inn has a Tavern room that was built in the 1840’s and several other additions dating to the turn of the century.

Franklin Pierce Kolbe, took ownership of the Inn in the 1940’s and utilized it as a residence and business.  He held auctions as the Trading Post in the lobby and outbuildings.  His father and uncle, Franklin & Otto Kolbe, started the first mercantile in Doylestown in the 1890’s known as the F.P. Kolbe Store.  A bronze commemorative marker plaque remains on State Street in Doylestown attesting to the long retail history of the Kolbe family in our community.

Over the years the Point Pleasant Inn has served many functions including but not limited too, tap dance parlor, restaurant, grocery store, antique store, greasy spoon, post office, and of course as a residence and a hotel.  Richard J. Kolbe Sr. began his business in 1965 in a small shop on the property at Point Pleasant and in the years since, Poor Richards’ popularity has grown with new customers and old friends - all of whom the Kolbe family would like to thank personally.  Richard Jr. chose the F.P. Kolbe name for his store to honor his family’s history in Bucks County.  The original stain glass storefront sign now hangs above the front door of the Inn.

New merchandise is arriving all the time.  Come visit to support our local merchants and to experience all that F.P. Kolbe’s has to offer!  The customer service is unmatched helping you find the ideal gift or the perfect item for your home.  You won’t be disappointed!

Franklin Pierce Kolbe and his brother Otto started the first mercantile in Doylestown during the 1890s. A bronze plaque next to the Doylestown Inn marks the spot of the historic F.P. Kolbe store.  In the 1940s, Franklin Pierce Kolbe II bought the Point Pleasant Inn, by the Delaware River, and held auctions in the lobby and outbuildings.

The building itself is a big draw, especially the magnificent stone fireplace that was featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine some 40 years ago.

Construction of the building began in the 1780s and was completed by 1790. Two years later, it was first licensed in 1792 to John Van Fossen.  While known as the Point Pleasant Inn, it was also referred to as “The Central Hotel” because of its strategic location between Easton, New York and Philadelphia. Rustic in its accommodations, the Inn had the distinction of hosting dignitaries such as Grover Cleveland, William McKinley and members of the Astor and Vanderbilt families.  Over the years, the building served many functions. Among them: a tap dance parlor, a restaurant, grocery store, antiques store, greasy spoon, post office and, of course, a residence and hotel.

Amazingly, the building has never been touched by Delaware River flood waters, not even during the 1955 deluge. Situated only 200 yards from the river, it is built on the highest point in the village.


6 River Road

Point Pleasant, PA 18950